How to Select the Best Tacoma Car Accident Attorney

Tacoma car accident attorneys seem to be plentiful. If you Google “Tacoma Car Accident Attorney” you will see hundreds of listings. Finding the right car accident attorney can be overwhelming. If you have been injured in a car accident, you probably understand how important it is to find a competent Tacoma car accident attorney. This article will explain how to select the right Tacoma car accident attorney for you.

Tacoma Car Accident Attorneys

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Step One: Ask Around

Ask your friends, family, doctor, or other people you trust who they recommend for a Tacoma car accident attorney. If someone has had experience with a Tacoma car accident attorney, they will likely give you an honest review. If the review is positive, do more research on that attorney to see what other people think. Look for reviews on Google, Facebook, AVVO.

Step Two: Search the Internet

If you do not receive any recommendations from family or friends, then a good place to start your search is the internet. As mentioned above, however, the internet if filled with people who claimed to be Tacoma car accident attorneys. There are several ways to weed through the heaps of attorneys to find a good one. Here are several questions you should consider:

1. Is this attorney really a Tacoma car accident attorney?

Many attorneys claim they are a Tacoma car accident attorney when in fact they are not located in Tacoma. Many attorneys advertise in several locations. There are even attorneys from California that advertise heavily in Washington. It is important that you have an attorney that understands the laws in Washington and understand the dynamics of Tacoma car accident claims, lawsuit, and trials. It may also be important to you to have your attorney close to you so you can easily meet in person.

Many attorneys also advertise that they are Tacoma car accident attorneys when in fact they spend very little of their time working on car accident claims. Many criminal defense attorneys, divorce attorneys, general practice attorneys, and others will take a car accident claim but they do not spend the majority of their time on such claims. It is important to have an attorney that focuses his or her practice on Tacoma car accident claims. Would you go to heart surgeon for surgery on your spine? Visit the attorneys’ website to see what areas of practice they list. If they practice more than personal injury law, look for a new attorney.

2. How long has this attorney been a Tacoma car accident attorney?

Once you narrow you search down to actual Tacoma car accident attorneys, look for those attorneys with adequate experience. You can usually find out how long an attorney has been practicing law from his or her website. If not, you can search for that attorney on the Washington State Bar Associations website ( It is important to have an attorney who has not only been practicing law for several years but has been practicing Tacoma car accident cases for several years. Those attorneys will know the ins and outs of your case better than a freshly minted attorney.

3. How well liked is this attorney by his or her former and current clients?

Tacoma Car Accident Attorney

Once you have located a Tacoma car accident attorney who actually practices in Tacoma and has years of experience, you should find out what former or current clients think of his or her services. You can read reviews on Google, Facebook,, and even Yelp to get an idea how well liked that attorney is by his clients. Take online reviews with a grain of salt, however, because not all reviews are legitimate. Sometimes companies enlist fake reviewers or even leave poor reviews about competitors.

4. How well respected is this attorney in the legal community?

Best Tacoma Car Accident Attorney

The best Tacoma car accident attorneys will have earned recognition from his or her colleagues. Look to see if the attorney earned an AV rating from their peers by Martindale Hubble ( That is the most comprehensive rating system for attorneys. You can also look to see their score on If the attorney rates high in both of those systems, they are likely very competent attorneys. Other awards such as being named Super Lawyer, Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers, and Americas Most Honor Professionals are also indications that attorneys are well respected in the legal community.

5. Is this attorney an Eagle member of the Washington Association of Justice?

Best Tacoma Car Accident Attorney

Only the most dedicated Tacoma car accident attorneys are Eagle members of the Washington Association of Justice. If an attorney claims to be a Tacoma car accident attorney and is not an Eagle, he or she probably spends very little time actually working on Tacoma car accident cases.

Step 3: Call and/or meet the Attorney

Once you have narrowed your search for a Tacoma car accident attorney to a few good candidates, call those attorneys. Ask the attorney these questions:

1. What is your fee structure?

2. Will you be working on my case or will you assign it to an associate?

3. How much experience do you have with a Tacoma car accident case similar to mine?

4. Do you offer free consultations for Tacoma car accident cases?

5. Do you offer any free material so I can learn what to expect for Tacoma car accident case?

Of course the answers to the above questions should not be your only concern. You should also consider your gut feeling about the attorney. Is this a person you can trust? Is this a person who you can get along with easily? Is this a person you want to be working with for several months, maybe even years?

Once you have completed this process, you might not have hired the very best attorney but chances are you will have found the best Tacoma car accident attorney for you. If you need a Tacoma car accident attorney, please consider Sadler Ladenburg. Our Tacoma car accident attorneys have decades of experience focusing on personal injury law. We have been honored with AV ratings, selections to Super Lawyers, and are highly rated on AVVO. Check out our reviews on Google and Facebook. If you are not ready to hire a Tacoma car accident attorney but would like to learn more about the claims process, click here for a FREE BOOK that will answer hundreds of common questions.

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