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FREE BOOK: Get Washington State's Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Insurance Claims

This easy to read, fully updated legal guide will teach anyone concerned about what do if they are injured in a car accident:
  • Common mistakes most people make when dealing with their own claim.
  • Steps you can take today to safe guard your claim and maximize your settlement. 
  • Answers to dozens of questions from victims of car accidents. 

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“I have known Erik for 15 years, and he is a trustworthy, personable attorney with a passion for justice and a great reputation in the legal community. I would not hesitate to refer personal injury clients his way. I enthusiastically endorse this lawyer.”

In the Book, You Will Discover:

What to do at the Scene of a Collision

Even if you have not been a involved in a collision, this book is for you. I will teach you what you need to do immediately after a collision. You will learn important tips that could help you recover all your damages if you are injured. 

How to Understand Insurance Coverages

Several  insurance policies could be relevant after a collision. These can include your auto insurance policy, the other driver's auto policy, health insurance policies, worker's compensation policy, and employer owned policies. Each policy will have different coverage that may or may not apply. 

Whether or Not You Need an Attorney

Not every victim of a car collision will need to hire an attorney. This book explains why you should retain an attorney in some situation and not others. 

Answers to Dozens of Common Questions

Most people who have been injured in a collision have never filed an insurance claim before. They have questions about every aspect of the process. This book answers those questions. 

Tacoma Seattle Personal Injury Attorney

About the Author: Erik F. Ladenburg

Erik F. Ladenburg has dedicated his entire career to helping injured people recover their damages. He has practiced law in Washington State since 1999. He is currently a partner at Sadler Ladenburg in Tacoma. He wrote this book to help people understand insurance laws and their rights. Erik knows that insurance companies strive to limit the amounts they pay on valid claims. This book is designed to level the playing field so insurance companies do not profit off of injured victims. 

What People Are Saying About Attorney Erik Ladenburg

Melissa, Former Car Accident Client

"Erik did more with my case in a year and a half then my previous attorney did in almost three years. Communication with Erik is top notch. If I'm ever in need of his help again no question he'll be hearing from me! Thank you so much Erik for all your hard work and continued effort to wrap up my case!"

Theonie, Former Car Accident Client

"Mr. Ladenburg was an outstanding lawyer. He was very professional, knowledgeable and approachable. I really appreciate his commitment and dedication to my case. He stood and fought on my behalf to ensure I got a fair settlement. I would very highly recommend his services."


“I have recommended Sadler Ladenburg multiple times to friends and family and they have always done an exceptional job!! Very happy clients, thank you all so much!! ”

Kathleen,Former Car Accident Client

“I really appreciated working with Eric. He was true to his word. He got the medical bills paid and kept me updated. Really honest and considerate. I would use him again. Great services. ”

A fully updated guide to inform the public about the insurance claims process.
Personal injury attorneys help car accident victims with insurance claims

Insurance companies don't want the claims process to be easy!

Insurance company make money by denying and delaying legitimate claims. This book was written to provide victims of car accidents the information they need to ensure they are not taken advantage of by insurance companies. Every person who has been injured in a car accident needs to read this book. 

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